Private Coaching for Auditions

Ms. Giosa offers private coaching for auditions, which also include professional taping, if necessary, for no additional fee. Susan will always try to make her time available (including weekends) to actors who need and rely on coaching to book the job, especially during busy pilot season. Her record for helping actors book leads in series, recurring roles, guest- star roles and feature films is outstanding.

*Coaching is charged by the hour. Discounts apply for buying 10 hour packages.

What Actors are Saying About Coaching
with Susan Giosa

I think Sue is a great coach. I’ve worked with her for over 15 years. You want someone you can trust because our work is about trust, whether you’re trusting in yourself or whether you’re trusting whoever is leading you to wherever you need to go. Trust is the main thing and because Sue is genuine, pure and warm it’s easy to be yourself in front of her, drop your defenses and just be vulnerable.

Susan’s unique technique has helped me discover and tap into my emotional core which has given me the confidence to deliver anytime on cue. While training and coaching with Susan she emphasizes the importance of personalizing life events and implementing that in your performance. I can not go without saying that she is the master of sculpting, making provocative choices so that any actor’s performance stands out. Coaching with her has helped me book jobs.


Susan is my go-to for private coaching - always finding something in the script that the rest of us miss. Many of the jobs I have booked were a result of my coaching with her. She will push you beyond what you ever thought you could achieve as an actor! A brilliant actress in her own rite, she brings value and insight to anyone from the beginner to the professional actor. Susan has a true gift in her ability to teach her actors how to tap into the core of who they are, and bring that truth to ANY character they play. This process is much, much more than teaching someone, "how to cry" (although you will be able to do that)... it is about connecting to your deepest emotional core and letting that authenticity live through your character. Sue is undoubtedly THE best coach and teacher to get you there!

Coaching for Craft

Private coaching is offered to actors who wish to learn or expand their emotional technique and acting craft. Although Susan does not offer classes for children, one on one coaching is available for young actors from 5 to 17, who are serious about their careers. More information is available in the coaching for children section (below).

Private Coaching for Writers, CEOs, Hosts

Private coaching is offered to individuals who need to present or speak in front of large groups of people. Her unique techniques help rid you of your defenses and fear of judgment, enabling you to be truly authentic and powerful and present personal material and pertinent information with authority, humor and sometimes even more sex appeal.

– Author/ Splitopia: Dispatches from Today's Good Divorce and How to Part Well.

"I took acting with Susan to help prepare me for a series of readings and talks I was going to give, based on a book I wrote, “Splitopia: Dispatches from Today's Good Divorce and How to Part Well”. She was incredibly helpful with presentation skills, connecting with the audience, and the way in which we convey expertise and confidence with our body. In class, she really helped us all understand how much we express our negative thoughts about ourselves in our body language. I felt incredibly comfortable on my book tour, and after every reading, someone came up to me and said, "You need to get on TV!" Taking acting with Susan completely shifted how I think about being on stage. Now I see it as an opportunity to have a conversation with an audience and a chance to share what I'm excited about."

Coaching for Children

After teaching acting for over 15 years Susan Giosa decided to coach children by adapting her adult methods to a child's sensibility. She noticed young actors on television and screen seemed stilted and unconnected to the reality of the characters they were portraying, and had no real ability to connect emotionally to the stakes of a character. Susan discovered when she gave her young actors proper tools and methods their acting blossomed and their work became deeply moving. They became braver in their physical choices and their comedic characters became much more real and truly funny.

Acting should be fun, particularly for children and Ms. Giosa creates an atmosphere of trust with young actors so they feel safe to explore and challenge themselves to become the best they can be. Susan is selective about choosing the children she coaches. She looks for an innate ability in the child to be imaginative and a desire to portray characters.

Please contact Susan at or 310 828-8544 to set up an initial consultation. Children must be between 5 and 17.

Memphis Entertainment Examiner by Mitch McCracken
Jordan won a 2010 HOLLYWOOD YOUNG ARTIST AWARD for her Co-Star role in CRIMINAL MINDS which Susan Giosa coached her on.
Jordan also stars as Elizabeth in the feature film AFTER THE WIZARD which was chosen for the International Family Film Festival and is available on Netflix, Red Box and Amazon. Susan was Jordan's personal coach not only for her audition but throughout filming.
Ms. Giosa also coached all the LA children who participated in the New Jersey school scene.



"Susan Giosa is a working actor who knows her craft. She is a gifted coach and teacher, with the ability to assess her client's strengths and challenges and to gain their trust in developing and growing their talent. Since working with Sue, Jordan has gained confidence, taken more risks and made bolder choices, and learned to connect to the emotional stakes of her characters. Not only has she increased her call-back rate but within just a few months Jordan became a SAG actress and booked a Criminal Minds episode." RITA VAN VRANKEN (JORDAN VAN VRANKEN'S MOTHER)

*Coaching is charged by the hour. Discounts apply for buying 10 hour packages.