Audits and Seminars



All new students are required to take a participatory audit. There is a small fee as you will be participating in the 3 hour class and have an opportunity to experience Susan's unique warm-up and emotional exercises. From the audit, Susan will determine if the potential student has the commitment to join her Studio. The audit fee is deducted from tuition if you join the studio.

*Audits are by appointment only. Reserve your space by email at or by calling (310) 828-8544

One Day Seminar for Actors and Non-Actors
Freeing your Emotional Core

This all-day seminar is being offered to creative individuals, including artists from all art forms, who wish to free themselves of blocks and tension that inhibit their work, their creativity. their sexuality and even their relationships. In this life changing seminar you will confront your inner conflicts and demons and address your relationship to judgement. The fear of judgment is the main reason people never reach their full potential. Susan's students claim mastering her warm-up has been more healing then years of therapy.

Call (310) 828-8544 for the day and time of the next One Day Seminar.

3 Day Acting Seminars in Los Angeles and New York
Freeing your Emotional Core

This is a 3 day seminar that will introduce each actor to Susan's unique emotional technique. Susan believes the ability to tap into and use your full emotional instrument on demand is essential for truthful and compelling acting. She teaches an unique warm-up that rids the body of defenses, removes fears and inhibitions and releases one's full creative potential. In this class you will confront your inner conflicts and address your relationship to judgment. Many actors believe her "GET OUT" exercise has given them a career because they gained a tool to deal with performance anxiety and nerves.


Her student's ability to connect quickly and easily to their deepest emotional core is the result of mastering her techniques and learning how to use emotional release objects. Susan believes if you cannot profoundly feel your own life, you cannot portray the emotional stakes of a character. You will then apply these exercises to scripted material.



Call 310 828-8544 or email for more info and future dates and to hold your spot for the next 3 day Acting Seminar.