All classes held in Santa Monica & West L.A.


The Susan Giosa Acting Workshop offers classes for Beginner to Professional. Technique focuses on Susan's unique emotional technique, Freeing Your Emotional Core (2 levels) and includes a combination of many different acting methods. Two levels of Scene Study, Script Analysis, Improv and Audition Class (focusing on tools needed to book the job) are also offered. The goal is find out what works best for you, teach you to become master of your own craft and become a working actor. Most classes are held during the day.

A Participatory Audit is required before joining the studio. Please call or email to set up an audit date.

Freeing your Emotional Core 1

This is an eight-week course that will introduce each student to Susan Giosa's unique emotional technique. Susan believes the ability to tap into and use your full emotional instrument on demand is essential for truthful and compelling acting. She teaches a fundamental warm-up that rids the body of defenses, removes fears and inhibitions and releases one's full creative potential. Her student's ability to connect quickly and easily to their deepest emotional core is the result of mastering this specific warm-up technique.


In this class you will confront your inner conflicts and address your relationship to judgement. Susan believes if you cannot profoundly feel your own life, you cannot portray the emotional stakes of a character. TECHNIQUE 1 is designed to be a tool for actors to tap into their emotional instruments and truly connect to the emotional stakes and struggles of their characters. You will then apply these exercises to scripted material.

Heavy emphasis is placed on individual attention and trust between the teacher and each student. It is expected that students respect each other to ensure a safe environment for the exploration of their emotional and physical freedom. While the class is open to all levels of actors, artists of every medium (singers, musicians, dancers, writers, etc.) will benefit from this work and are encouraged to join. Other tools you will learn that will be applied to your Scene Study:

Emotional 'Release Objects'
Script Analysis
Character Transcendence

This course is mandatory for all new students. After completion of this course twice a week attendance is also required.

Wednesdays 11am - 2pm. Freeing Your Emotional Core - Technique 1


Scene Study

Students with previous training will be permitted to enroll in SCENE STUDY while taking TECHNIQUE 1. They will apply the new emotional techniques to scenes and monologues. SCENE STUDY class begins with the warm-up, followed by work and critiques on scenes and monologues scheduled for the day. One script analysis is usually scheduled for each class. Susan will selectively assign material she feels is individually challenging, addresses each actor's needs, and encourages growth. Only plays will be used. No film or television scripts.

Thursdays 11pm - 2pm. Scene Study


Freeing your Emotional Core- Technique 2

After completing TECHNIQUE 1, students may advance to TECHNIQUE 2, a deeper exploration of the exercises introduced in TECHNIQUE I. Focus becomes more geared toward intentions, sensory work, improvisation, animal work, and character development. This will also include auditioning techniques. This course is taken with continuation of Scene Study class.

Tuesdays 11am -2pm. Freeing Your Emotional Core - Technique 2


Master Scene Study

ADVANCED SCENE STUDY is open to students by instructor approval. This class is geared towards working actors. Advanced exercises are introduced, along with stronger critiques of scene work, development of original material, and production of showcases.

Mondays 7pm - 11pm Advanced Scene Study

*Advanced Scene Study acceptance is based on Susan Giosa's approval. Call or email for more information.

Audition Class

Learn how to improve your auditions from a working actress who has appeared in over 30 television shows and films. Find out not only what you are doing wrong at your auditions but how to improve them by using CRAFT, not tricks.

Tuesday 11am - 2pm Audition Class

Pay for Classes

Freeing Your Emotional Core | $240 per 4 week cycle

 2x a week classes | $340 per 4 week cycle

3x a week classes | $440 per 4 week cycle

One Day Acting Seminar--Freeing Your Emotional Core | $200